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So, this guy Michael Raymond hires me as a customer service rep. He fancies himself a writer and he’s supposed to be some web guru or something. Some guru—he registered the wrong domain name for me. “H-E-L-E-N” I tell him for my name. The stupid fool registers “H-E-L-L-N”. So now, I’m stuck with this godawful hellnwait.com domain name. Some web guru. Moron!

“Our complaints are handled by Helen Wait.” He must think he’s funny. Yeah, like I never heard that one before! Jerk!

Well, you’re here; what’s your problem? A complaint? Do I look like I’m interested in your complaints? That’s what the Complaint Form is for. Don’t expect miracles on the answers. I get to ’em when I can. And when I feel like it. No more than he pays me, he’s lucky I’m still around at all, ’cause I’m about at the end of my rope.

All right, enough about you, let’s talk about me. What do I do here? Well, I get to sit here all damn day and listen to people complain. “I paid too much.” “It’s the wrong color.” “I changed my mind and now the store won’t give me my money back.” Well, boo hoo. Cry Baby

Did you buy it? Does it work? I wouldn’t give you your money back either! Suck it up! Quit your complaining.

So, he’s got all these great ideas, right? He thinks everybody wants to sell domain names and get paid for it. Plus he thinks that everybody should have their own .me domain. Like everybody is as stuck on themselves as he is. Says his name is good brand recognition, why shouldn’t he use it for his domain? Narcisist! (He probably doesn’t even know what that word means, and I know he can’t spell it.)

I should have him set this damn domain name for sale. Except he’d probably pocket all the money. He’s such a cheapskate!

If you’re still here, you must have something else you want to whine about. Use the complaint form, like I said. Or did you stop listening just like my boss?

You probably need some of the software below. Especially if you’re in business on the web. You hear that, you North-end-of-a-south-going-jackass-for-a-boss!??

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